General questions
We support all Android Wear watches, including, but not limited to: LG G Watch (all editions), Moto 360, Samsung Gear Live, Asus Zen Watch.
We support every Android phone running Android 4.4 or later.
We ask notification access for the sole purpose of making the app work. We do not record, share or collect anything from your phone.
It's pretty simple: just tap Disabled at the top and tick the box next to the app name. When you go back, you will find that the option changed to Enabled. If it didn't, please restart your phone.
User Interface
You probably unchecked Enabled under Embedded Keyboards. Please check that box.
We support 5 different keyboards:
  • Embedded: A scrollable QWERTY-style keyboard with customizable buttons
  • Full screen: Same as above but full screen without scrolling
  • FlickKey: A keyboard letting you type with flicks instead of taps
  • Keypad: A T9-style keyboard supporting English, Italian, French and Spanish.
  • FlickPad: A combination of the two above.
Keypad extra actions are initiated via gestures:
  • From left to right: space
  • From right to left: back
  • From top to bottom: clear
  • From bottom to top: change language
You can also switch to manual mode pressing #.
Since Quick generates its own notifications for supported apps, you will need to block the original notifications from either the watch or the Android Wear app on your phone.
Please long press the lightning icon.
You actually have two choices:
  • On the phone, under the Keypad section you can touch add or remove and specify your word here
  • On the watch, you can type your word on the keypad in manual mode (touch # until you see mm) then touch twice the word you just typed
Embedded and Full screen keyboards lets you set custom layouts. This means you can add your own buttons, including non-latin characters. To do so, first select one of those keyboards, then touch Keyboard rows. Each character you put here will appear as a button on the watch.
There are multiple reasons that could cause this. Please try one of this solutions:
  • Connection is broken: restart both your devices
  • Google Play Services are stuck: open app settings on your phone and clear Google Play Services and Android Wear app data. Now, factory reset your watch and pair it again.
Go back on the Play Store. You will find here a Refund button.
Just swipe from left to right as you would usually do, but on the top of the screen. (over the text area)
Please pay attention at where you put your drag points if you use apps like Wear Mini Launcher, which could interfere with Quick's buttons.
This is normal. Numbers are displayed when there isn't a word into the dictionary matching the current combination. This behaviour is required to let you check if you pressed the right button.
Please check you enabled the option to display message content in the app having this behaviour.
Please enable Picture autodownload in the app you are using.
This feature is for WhatsApp only at the moment.
This is not possible at the moment for technical reasons not depending on us.
Please grant auto-start permission in Auto-start Manager.
Contact us so we can discuss about this.
As of now we cannot afford professional translators. If you are interested in translating this app to your language we would gladly accept your help. Contact us to work together!