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Web Design

We can build websites for you or your company. Technologies we use include JS, ASP, HTML5, and PHP.

Server Setup

We can build custom server solutions

App Development

We can develop custom apps for you or your company following your needs. Our experience includes Java (Android, Desktop), C# (Windows), C and Python.

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our Works

Take a look at what we built over time.

Wear Messenger This best seller lets your reply from your Android Wear watch to basically anything that really counts

Quick for Wear The keyboards from Wear Messenger, now for all your loved apps!

WristMail for Wear E-mail client for Android Wear

HttpSMS HTTP to SMS bridge for Android.

Rich Notification for Pebble customizable notifications forwarder for Android.

English Clock Readable watch face for Android Wear. Supports Italian.

The founder's blog Because writing about your passions is sexy.

Sadly, most of our work isn't public for various reasons; we will be adding what we can here.